Lorena Krznaric


Lorena is a highly skilled and experienced Marketing Manager and Data Analyst at Datametrics Technologies. Originally from Croatia, Lorena fearlessly embraced a new chapter in her life when she moved to New York in 2018.

Boasting nearly a decade of diverse professional experience spanning various industries, including hospitality and the dynamic tech sector, Lorena brings a versatile skill set to her current role. As a Marketing Manager, she excels in developing and implementing creative marketing strategies, while also maintaining the company website. In her role as a Data Analyst, she actively collaborates with the team to implement and test new features within the DataMetrics Software, contributing to its continuous enhancement and evolution.

Lorena holds a Bachelor's degree in Business from her alma mater in Croatia, which she further fortified by pursuing a Master's degree in Marketing. Committed to staying ahead of industry trends, Lorena has also obtained certifications in Data Analytics, Project Management, and Digital Marketing.

Outside of work, Lorena enjoys exploring New York City, traveling, cooking, going to the gym, reading, and dancing. Her multicultural background, coupled with her adventurous spirit, allows her to bring a fresh perspective to her work and adapt to the ever-evolving marketing landscape.