Sophie Goula


Sophie grew up in Melbourne, Australia and embarked on her career at the age of 12 where she founded her first company which she orchestrated the successful sale of this venture by the time she turned 15. Capitalizing on this early accomplishment, Sophie proceeded to launch a tech start-up, providing a platform that facilitated consumers to rent out their designer clothing. Once again, Sophie achieved triumph as she effectively sold this enterprise, subsequently relocating to New York to pursue her undergraduate studies in Entrepreneurial Management at Pace University.

Motivated by her passion for business and determination to excel, Sophie further pursued her educational aspirations, embarking on a Masters in Business Administration program with a specialization in Corporate Finance also at Pace University. During her master's degree, Sophie sought valuable practical experience through internships as a financial analyst within various esteemed corporations. Her notable contributions and dedication led her to her current role at DataMetrics, where she provides valuable support to the advisory and diligence team.

In her free time, Sophie enjoys staying active by playing tennis and taking Pilates classes. Sophie also really loves to travel and further her education as she has started to study for the CFA Level 1 Exam.