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The DataMetrics solution allows companies to maximize their data assets to make impactful decisions, reduce costs, and drive profits.


Our Solution

Our secure web-based application enables consumer product companies to seamlessly integrate their data sources and utilize industry leading analytics delivered in user friendly dashboards and reports.

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"DataMetrics has provided significant value to us as Lenders as well as our Borrowers by providing sophisticated analytics to drive decision making."

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Peter Rosenthal
Rosenthal & Rosenthal Inc.

"I start my day firing up DataMetrics which enables me to have in real time on one platform, the key analytics I need to make better decisions."

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Ross Amarante
Ariela and Associates International L.L.C.

"DataMetrics has allowed us to see and analyze our business like never before. This has provided an increases in sales, efficiency, and overall company performance."

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Michael Marinoff
G&W Industries

"DataMetrics supplies you with a wealth of information at your fingertips with the necessary tools to make correct calculated decisions."

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Joey Habert
High Point Design

Transform Your Business

Unlock the full potential of your data assets and transform your organization.

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Custom Dashboards

Customizable dashboards that can be tailored to your company.

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Applied Permissions

User permissions that allow you to decide what is visible to who.

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Team Visibility

Each permitted user has the ability to access the same reports, keeping the team connected and working off consistent data.


Modernize Banking

Manage asset-based-lending portfolios with greater knowledge.

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Replace antiquated and costly monitoring techniques.

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Systemic computations with electronic data yield timely and accurate information and reduce costs.

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Consistent and customizable reporting for all your borrowers and portfolio management.


Integrated with the data sources critical to your business


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