Ray Fan


Ray is a data engineer at DataMetrics, where his primary responsibility is to provide a scalable and robust data platform for the system. With his extensive knowledge of data architecture and eagerness to adopt new technology, Ray helps the company optimize the data flow efficiently and accurately.

Prior to his work at DataMetrics, Ray pursued the Master’s Degree in Columbia University for Electrical Engineering with specialization in data-driven computation, where he gained valuable experience in data modeling, database design, and high-performance computation. His strong analytical and problem-solving skills have helped him excel in growing the platform at scale.

In his free time, Ray enjoys exploring the world of photography. With his keen eye for detail and artistic perspective, he finds joy in capturing the beauty of landscapes, architecture, and everyday moments. Photography allows him to unwind, express his creativity, and discover new perspectives, which in turn enhances his problem-solving skills and fuels his innovative thinking in the field of data engineering.