Steven Harary


Steven is a dynamic and innovative leader with a proven track record of success in the e-commerce industry. He began his career with Sprayground, where he quickly developed a deep understanding of both the wholesale and direct-to-consumer aspects of the business. With a focus on web design, technology, marketing, and operations, Steven played a pivotal role in driving the brand's explosive growth.

Following his time at Sprayground, Steven founded Greenhaus, a cutting-edge tech start-up that specialized in purchasing and growing Amazon FBA Brands. Through his visionary leadership and expertise, he successfully led the company to new heights, culminating in a successful sale of his interest in 2021.

At DataMetrics, Steven brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, particularly in the areas of e-commerce, Amazon, and wholesale. He is intimately familiar with the technology and strategies needed for success in these channels and is dedicated to helping businesses achieve their goals through innovative and data-driven approaches.